Portrait of People and nature

Nature’s beauty, captured in one frame

I am a student of nature, as much as I am a student of life and photography. My works are a reflection of that, in form of images.

Images that are as timeless as nature itself. Pictures and prints that transfer you into the tranquility of nature when you look at them.

The Past and the Present

 I'm thrilled to share my passion for capturing moments through my lens. Here, you'll find a collection of my photos that reflect my unique perspective and storytelling ability. Take a moment to explore and immerse yourself in the world I've captured. Enjoy the journey!

My style is a blend of documentary and art

In every session, my passion is to photograph your big day in a persona and unique way, letting things flow naturally. I don’t believe that success is just about capturing a few pretty pictures, but about getting images that tell your story in a real way.

Photography is Art

and your photos should be no less. Your photos will be one of the most important and happiest days of your life, so the memories you treasure of it will have to be up to par. At Claude Arreza I am photographer who always aim to go further. 

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