"The Way a Person Does One Thing Is the Way They Do Everything"

— Tobi Atkins

First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to visit the website. Honestly, I don't know where to start or what to say. I'm not the kind to talk, I guess I'll "show" you about me.

Claude 2023

Circa 2010

Hi, my name is Claude. Here's a photo of me 13 years ago with my old childhood friend in the Philippines. Please don't ask me what camera I'm holding because, quite honestly, I don't remember (probably an old Nikon, haha). It's one of those cameras with a built-in zoom lens. Autofocus could barely keep up. It takes centuries to hit an object. You will have to focus manually to get a decent shot. Looking back, it's prehistoric now, but before, it was better than what phones can do. This is about the time I took an interest in photography. 

Circa 2014

To share a little about me besides photography. I migrated from the Philippines in January 2014 with my family. We had just landed and arrived at Seatac Airport late at night, drove to Denny's, and ate at our first American restaurant. A waitress at Denny's took this picture. She probably didn't realize she had just immortalized our first family photo in the United States. Looking back, I remember how amazed I was at everything. I was introduced to new foods, cultures, and environments. This was my family's dream come true, and it had only just begun here.

Circa 2017

My 2016-2019 Set-up

The real fun begins.

My first ever real camera was a Canon EOS T3i, which my dad bought for me on my 16th birthday. Man, let me tell you, this changed everything for me. I took this wherever I went, to family trips, events, and to bed with me (just kidding, haha). I took care of this thing because at the time, it was my first expensive possession. Forget everything, it was the most valuable to me because my passion for photography ignited through this camera. This was about the time I took photography to the next level.

Circa 2020

Nursing assistant by day, photographer by night.

Aside from photography, my real passion has always been serving other people. At the height of COVID-19, I started a gig in the medical field as a home health aid, assisting the elderly in need. I decided to continue my studies and pursue my degree in nursing.

Current Set-up in 2023 (Camera Right: EOS RP |Camera Left: EOS R | Sigma Art lenses 1.4's)

By the way, this was shot on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Did I mention it can shoot 48 mp Raw? This is just getting ridiculous.

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